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Investment Strategy

INOVEST applies scientific rigour and robust technology to identify and execute investment opportunities with licensed partners. We systematically analyze a multitude of data, based on sound economic theory with a quantitative perspective, and AI-powered predictive analytics, to derive a variety of decision indicators.

The decision indicators obtained are translated into algorithmic strategies and reflected with our programs, aiming to produce repeatable and consistent results within risk-adjusted frameworks.

The strategies in our programs are subject to constant evolution, focused on maintaining its alpha-seeking characteristics and managing potential adverse events.

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Our US Equity Market Neutral Opportunity

INOVEST USEQ Market Neutral

Our USEQ Market Neutral strategy aims to secure wealth while consistently delivering returns regardless of market conditions.

This strategy strives to be an “all-weather” investment option with minimal to no correlation to the overall market and lower portfolio volatility, while consitently taking advantage of identified alpha opportunities from our defined investment universe.

balanced. resilient.

leveraging market opportunities

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